Uniquely Geek is a custom gaming furniture manufacturer based out of Queen Creek, Arizona. With the goal of rebranding their existing website and marketing materials, I established new branding for their content. This included updated colors, fonts, and imagery and a need for promotional flyers and business cards to hand out at conferences. After some discussion, I determined that a template based design would be the best choice for consistency and flexibility due to their constantly growing product lines. This gives them a system to advertise and market all of their products under a constant brand. Using Adobe InDesign for the layout and typography, and Illustrator to create the assets. I created these flyers for them to use at their convention booth and in local gaming stores that carry their products.
The flyers were designed and laid out in Adobe InDesign allowing me to design without limitations of other software. Once the layout was finalized the content was added and approved. The fliers were them packaged for printing and sent to a local printer for production. 

Tools Used

  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Illustrator 

What I Did

  • Branding 
  • Layout 
  • Typography 
  • Content Writing

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