Stradivarius Opening Cinematic

Stradivarius Violin Performance


As part of the multimedia team at the Musical Instrument Museum, I helped produce all the digital media work for the special exhibit “STRADIVARIUS: ORIGINS AND LEGACY OF THE GREATEST VIOLIN MAKER”. The most significant part of the exhibit that I helped creative direct, plan, edit, and implement was the three-panel introduction hall. This video was the first thing viewers would experience in the exhibit, so our goal was to create a cinematic introduction to these violins’ history and invite the guests into the incredible stories told in the exhibit. The second video I helped to produce was the performance and interview with Angele Dubeau, a famous lead violinist. Angele plays her Stradivarius Violin with the La Pieta ensemble and talks about her battle with breast cancer and her journey to play again.  

What I Did

  • Ideation
  • Storyboarding
  • Exhibit Design
  • Asset collection
  • Cinematography
  • Audio Synching
  • Display Troubleshooting

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