Scan 3D is a technology suite driven to make digital 3D objects more secure, optimized, and accessible for the web today and in the future. As part of the Scan3D team, I worked alongside the technical development team as the lead product designer to create the visual design, user experience flow, and overall brand vision for the Scan3D asset manager. Keeping accessibility in the forefront, the UI went through multiple iterations to better present the technology backbone currently in production and to make an easy-to-use product that will provide users with a way to upload, manage, organize and host an extensive collection of independent 3D assets.

Tools Used

  • Sketch
  • Figma
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator

What I Did

  • User Experience
  • Visual Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Customer Experience
  • Design Iteration
  • Prototyping
  • Brainstorming

The Problem

3D assets today are difficult to manage, load, and maintain across the web. With photogrammetry technology becoming more accessible, we expect the e-commerce and product industry to grow into more interactive 3D experiences. Today on the web loading, a 3D model takes external code systems, large file loads, or hosting your files in a web player that is a large and less accessible data package. With the Scan3D DAM (Digital asset manager), the goal is to provide one single place to collect and manage a database of 3D assets that can be placed into a website’s image structure through a single plugin application.


The Scan3D DAM is an all-in-one location for the management, organization, customization, and deployment of the new 3D asset pipeline created by the team. This front-end tool will allow users to quickly find and organize the assets into groups using the left-column file navigation. Each 3D object has an off-canvas menu with the customization details for each model, allowing the user to edit all this asset’s deployments in one convenient place, reducing the overall level of effort to manage and reduce errors of 3D assets across multiple sites.

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