While working for Magnetry, a design agency located in Phoenix, I was tasked to create event badges for the 2018 Phoenix Design Week Conference. Using the brand guide created by the agency and working directly with the Creative director I created the design for these badges. For the badge, the layout was created in Adobe InDesign and the Icons and pattern were taken from the brand assets created by another designer for the event. Under the guidance of AIGA Arizona and the rest of the agency, the badges were printed for the 300+ guests of the event. 


With this project, the largest challenge came from the number of stakeholders involved in the project. Working with people inside the agency as well as AIGA Arizona, communication and approval of designs became challenging to complete in a quick manner. In order to help relieve this problem, it became crucial to have open communication with the creative director and the major stakeholders at AIGA Arizona in order to facilitate all of the changes quickly. 

Tools Used

  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Illustrator

What I Did

  • Concepting
  • File setup
  • Layout design
  • Cohesive with branding
  • Packaging for print

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