We subscribe to the idea that life is a collection of elements or moments and in those moments life is built. 
We wanted a project to showcase those elements of life through creativity. LIFEWTR’s branding typically follows a formula of white backgrounds and clean photography. With this campaign, we aimed to expand this brand into more vibrant, eye-catching imagery in conjunction with the idea of purity. By showing the purity of LIFEWTR through the elements that create life, the outcome of this campaign is to inspire people to drink LIFEWTR and to be aware of the things they drink. 

The Process

Starting with a brainstorming session the group found the appeal of the LIFEWTR brand and believed we could produce a visual photo campaign. After producing some rough sketches the team worked on sourcing the material needed for each of the four different product shoots. 
With the team’s strength in photography, we established a goal to produce as many of the visuals in camera as possible. By creating physical reactions such as dry ice fog, colored powder, acrylic ink, and fire we captured many of these moments using high-speed photography techniques.

Tools Used

  • Nikon D500
  • Sony A7rII
  • Broncolor Strobes
  • Capture One 10
  • Adobe Photoshop

What I Did

  • Concepting
  • Studio Lighting
  • High-Speed Photography
  • Photo Studio Techniques
  • Photo Color Correction
  • Photo Manipulations
After the completion of this photo series, it was distributed on social media in order to showcase the talents fo the group. Soon after, Lifewtr reached out to obtain the publishing right to these photos. 

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